Stories Of Love, Loss & Redemption

One decision, four lives changed forever.

No one knows why her father left when she was seven, except
her. One decision will change everything.


Rose Aberdeen is a thirty-seven year old psychologist with a
secret. Rose has seen her share of losses and felt unlucky in love, but she’s always dreamt of finding her one true love.


Fleeing LA after a devastating divorce, she starts over in
small town Eureka Springs, Arkansas not imagining she’ll find a dream man there. It’s not long before her dream comes true.


Sparks fly when Rose meets the handsome firefighter and
paramedic Jahi Adams. But there’s only one problem—Jahi’s vengeful estranged wife reappears, threatening to destroy Rose’s dream of love and a family of her


When the big city comes calling, Rose has a choice to make,
but building a happy future seems impossible when they keep tripping over the past.

A psychic prediction. A disappearing father. A world of secrets.

Rose Aberdeen and Jahi Adams grow up half a continent apart. Rose in LA and Jahi in the small mountain town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Haunted by a singular devastating loss as a child, the mysterious disappearance of her brilliant, mercurial father, Rose grapples with heartache and self-doubt. Forging ahead, she becomes a clinical psychologist and marries a handsome, renegade surgeon. But ten years and multiple losses later, and amidst a messy divorce, she starts afresh in the small town of Eureka Springs, near her mother and sister.

Grieving the death of his father when Jahi was only fifteen, he makes a decision that changes the trajectory of his life. As the resident firefighter and paramedic at the Eureka Springs station, he carries the weight of a town on his shoulders and the burden of grief in his soul. But one light in his life, his daughter Lily, keeps his heart open to the possibility of finding his one true love.

Death, disappearance, and secrets threaten to devastate Rose and Jahi’s lives. But an unlikely savior, a 500-year-old Botticelli painting, carries a message of hope and redemption.

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