Stories Of Love, Loss & Redemption

"Gracie Gable has laid the foundation for a magnificent tapestry where the lives of two seemingly ordinary but sophisticated people are brought together."
—Neel Scarsdale

"It's like being on a raft in a smooth fast current, all seems calm and unremarkable until one is suddenly delivered into the whitewater of drama and emotionality."

Gracie Gable is a new star in this genre! "Where the Old Roses Grow" Is a fascinating novel! From the beginning of the novel you are led to be a witness to the psychological development of the main characters, Rose and Jahi. Ms Gable is a Chekhovian writer in the sense the by using few, but well chosen details, she creates a whole world and uncovers the developing psychology of the characters. Right away we see how the complexity of environment affects their development. Her well chosen details and language create a rich tapestry which contributes to the suspense that draws us in. We actually care about the characters and the outcome of the developing story! Good read! I highly recommend Ms Gable's novel, and hope that we will read many more in the future!

—Vera Tchikovani, Professor of Literature

I wholeheartedly agree with the previous reviews. Ms Gables swiftly drops her readers into the early childhoods of her two main characters. With discerning and skillful development they quickly become familiar and beloved. Ms Gables’ fresh, and direct approach to themes of human nature, art, music and the natural world, quickly sweeps us away. Common, extraordinary, flawed and wonderful we see ourselves as we cheer like mad for her protagonists.

—Marian Bach

I love the character development along with the story line that seems unlikely but rings true for so many of us that fall in love. Well written, engaging and thought provoking.


"There are moments of laugh-out-loud humor hidden in the story like chocolate chips in a muffin. It's a literary Easter egg hunt. It helps one feel that things will work out even when it doesn't seem obvious how that will happen, as complicated histories in Rose and Jami's life are laid bare in the course of storytelling. It turns out that "simple country folk" aren't. In short, it's a page-turner with surprising depth and humor."

—Bruce Sawhill (Book 1)

"Great storytelling skills."

—Tina Jones (Book 1)

Gracie Gable

About Me

Gracie Gable grew up in Arkansas, and though she now lives in Santa Cruz, California, she’ll always be a Southerner at heart. An author, artist, and psychiatrist, Gracie’s writing reflects themes of love, loss, abandonment, and redemption that permeated her decades in the consulting room. Where The Old Roses Grow was inspired by the beloved garden of a neurosurgeon and Botticelli’s masterpiece The Birth of Venus. Away from her writing desk, Gracie enjoys creating abstract art, playing the cello, swimming with her husband, and listening to her daughter’s beautiful operatic voice and her stories of adventure.



Where the Old Roses Grow

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